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New Integration: SuperRare

We're super excited to announce our new integration with SuperRare that allows digital art curators to earn money and clout on their SuperRare engagement. SuperRare users who have the Yup Extension will receive token rewards on the 'favorites' they give on SuperRare. Simply surf SuperRare as usual and favorite art that you want to rate positively on Yup. More information on this system below.

How NFT Curator Rewards work

In its current form, the Yup Protocol rewards users in newly-minted YUP based on curation: when someone influential likes a piece of content across the web, the creator and previous curators earn YUP. A Twitter 'like', for example, is weighted based on the liker's influence, given a token value, and distributed to the tweet's author and all the likers that came before. The same is applied to NFT art; curators earn YUP for being early on quality art on SuperRare. All they need to do is continue to use SuperRare as they normally do, but with the Yup Extension on.

Next Up: Creator and Owner Rewards

In its full form, NFT YUP Rewards mean that the Yup Protocol will track on-chain ownership data associated with each NFT and link URLs to them. When those NFTs/URLs are liked or rated on Yup, the creator rewards will go into a pool that allows addresses identified as creators/owners to receive their pro-rata distribution of YUP rewards.

We're looking to continue to launch NFT YUP Rewards and integrations over the next month with as many credible artists, platforms, and integrations as possible. If you're at all looking to help us with this cause or participate as a contributor, please reach out to us here or join our discord.

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